Headaches can be caused by physical or emotional stress, or a chemical-related disorder. Headaches can also be the symptom of a deeper medical problem. They can take the form of a migraine, cluster or tension headache. The pain can be especially severe and range from spot locations to wide bands around the head. Associated discomfort can come in the form of nausea or even difficulty seeing.

Headaches are a common problem with a wide range of potential causes. At Beverly Hills Pain Institute we can treat these symptoms and the underlying conditions with a variety of treatment options. We use a multidisciplinary approach. Our physician will diagnose the cause of your headaches and treat the problem with expert care and attention.

We emphasize conservative care and innovative rehabilitation in order to eliminate pain, correct the underlying condition and prevent further recurrence.

From acupuncture to biofeedback and more, our diverse group of specialists focuses one each client as an individual. We also have extensive experience with Botox injections and laser treatment for migraine and headache management.

Our multidisciplinary approach to headache management ensures that our patients receive the best possible care.

Our Services

 The Beverly Hills Pain Institute & Neurology and the Wellness Center unite treatment of existing medical conditions and prevention of future illness.  Our team of medical specialists is dedicated to developing comprehensive care plans to suit each of our patients’ individual needs.

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